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'Chaura Rajina' launched; Chandrika stands exposed
(LeN- Sep 17, 10.30 pm) A book that would likely to stir unprecedented controversy in Sri Lanka political circles titled 'Chaura Rajina' (Queen of Thieves) written by 'Ravaya' Editor Victor Ivan was launched in Colombo yesterday.

The book alleges that certain activities that took place during the Chandrika Kumaratung regime were perpetrated by a Mafia of her with her full knowledge. The author levels some highly damning allegations against the former President.

The most serious among them is that the bomb exploded at the final election rally of her second presidential election campaign at the Colombo Municipal Grounds in which she lost sight of one of the eyes was her own conspiracy to win over public sympathy. With incriminating evidence, the author charges that DNA testing had proved that the suicide bomber was not the identified woman and that she had been bought from a man called 'Raghupathi' and this woman was only arrested and not known to be killed.

In addition grave allegations are also levelled against the former President implicating her in the murders of Kumar Ponnambalam, Ashroff and Rohana Kumara and harassment of popular singing duo Rukantha-Chandralekha and arson attack on the residence of actress Anoja Weerasinghe.

The author was also critical of her unconventional sex life linking her romantically to some businessmen and actors.

However according to sources close to the former President, a highly placed government figure has given his full backing to the author of 'Chaura Rajina' and the former President will initiate legal action seeking a ban on the book.

Meanwhile former President Chandrika Kumaratunga has been appointed as South Asian Director General of United Nation Children's Fund (UNICEF).
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